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Shrimati Anita Roy

Hindustani Classical Vocalist

Intro to Maharishi Gandhava Veda Course


We invite all to the

Maharishi Gandharva Veda
Concert and Course

The concert begins on june 13, 2019
at 19:00 in Budapest (Hungary),
 MagNet Közösségi Ház
1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 98

Maharishi Gandharva Veda Concert

Budapest, June 13, 2019

 Maharishi Gandharva Veda Course

Mahrishi Gandharva Veda (MGV) course, which will be held in Budapest (Hungary), during June 14-16, 2019 ...


What is the Maharishi Gandhava Veda 

These rhythms and melodies of nature originate in the Vedic tradition of India. The rishis, or Vedic sages of India, cognized the inherent intelligence of these frequencies and mirrored them through music. Maharishi Gandharva Veda is  
- the coherent flow of sound,
- designed to promote balance,
- inner peace and better health.

Properly performing these melodies at the proper times of the day
- neutralizes stress in the atmosphere and
- creates a harmonizing influence,
- not only for the individual
- but for the whole world.

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Shrimati Anita Roy is a talented matured vocal artiste of Hindustani Classical Music has been consistently rendering performances in many important select music centres throughout the country as well as, at abroad and winning high acclaim.
By continual exposures to different rich and exquisite music-streams of various renowned gharanas of Hindustani music, Anita Roy has nurtured a distinctive yet mellifluous style of rendering.

Initially, she had been a disciple of late Ustad Mustaq Hussian Khan Saheb of Rampur, formerly doyen of Rampur-Shehswan gharana. Later, by acquiring simultaneous trainings from Maestro Ustad Naseer Zaheeruddin Dagar and Ustad Neseer Faizuddin Dagar, popularly known as "Dagar Bandhu", she familiarised herself with the manner of executing in her Khayals, alaap with finesse so typically illustrious of the gravity and serenity in dhrupad style. This she was further able to supplement with the invaluable guidance of her former mentor Smt Sumati Mutatkar, Prof. Emeritus, formerly Dean, Music faculty, Delhi University.
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"The capacity to traverse to the upper saptak with mellifluous ease is the artiste (Anita Roy) special forte, bespeaking of her immense tayyari (maturity)- making the taan patterning her hallmark, offering in her rendition as she presents them in a compact rhythm of a faster tempo in a category all of its own, is proof of her maturity." 

Ein warmer, kosmischer Atem geht von der "Intonation to God" aus, die die indische Musikerin Shrimati Anita Roy den hinduistischen Gotthieten darbringt. Sie begleitet die locker perlenden, zarten kl䮧e mit der sirrenden Taanpura, einem viersaitigen bauchigen Instrument mit langem Hals. Raum und Zeit flieߥn ineinander, l? sich auf, ein teppich meditativer T?voller Magie l䤴 die lauschenden Menschen aus allen Ecken der welt zur Ruhe ein.

"Infact, her (Anita Roy) style manages to acquire a discreet amalgam of her gurus in a manner that is both unique and distinct." 

Indian Express,
New Delhi, February 1999 

"She (Anita Roy) is an artiste gifted with a rich, powerful and sweet voice which deserves airing."

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