Srimati Anita Roy

I am a Hindustani Classical Vocalist. Over the past 27 years, I have performed all over the world and have achieved critical acclaim & received rave reviews for my performances.

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Anita Roy is a talented matured vocal artiste of Hindustani Classical Music has been consistently rendering performances in many important select music centres throughout the country as well as, at abroad and winning high acclaim.
By continual exposures to different rich and exquisite music-streams of various renowned gharanas of Hindustani music, Anita Roy has nurtured a distinctive yet mellifluous style of rendering.
Initially, she had been a disciple of late Ustad Mustaq Hussian Khan Saheb of Rampur, formerly doyen of Rampur-Shehswan gharana. Later, by acquiring simultaneous trainings from Maestro Ustad Naseer Zaheeruddin Dagar and Ustad Neseer Faizuddin Dagar, popularly known as "Dagar Bandhu", she familiarised herself with the manner of executing in her Khayals, alaap with finesse so typically illustrious of the gravity and serenity in dhrupad style. This she was further able to supplement with the invaluable guidance of her former mentor Smt Sumati Mutatkar, Prof. Emeritus, formerly Dean, Music faculty, Delhi University.
Besides, she was blessed and privileged to have learnt from the great Pandit of Agra gharana, Ustad Yunus khan. In doing so, Anita not only enriched her repertoire of khayals and its elaboration, but also became a star performer. Yet again, she has further added a new dimension to her style by having learnt Hindustani Music from famous Ustads and Musicologists of Rampur-Shehswan Ghana, Ustad Hafeez Ahmed Khan and Ustad Sarfaraz Hussain Khan.
Her forte in Classical Vocal Music lies essentially in her variegated style of weaving her alaap and bol-alaap as well as, the grandeur subtlety exhibited in her taans and bol-taans. As a result, in Anita Roy's renderings one is readily able to perceive an abundance of melody emanating and homogenously blending with sur and laya. Music connoisseurs have been captivated by her vocal rendering because of such artistic and aesthetic features.


Between 2003 & the begining of April 2007, I rendered repeat performances that were highly appreciated by audiences at prestigious European centres. Country-city specific details as mentioned below.
Country Cities  

Algeria Algiers
Belgium Brussels, Hassals, Antwerpen
Denmark Copenhagen, Rorvig, Mausing
France Paris, Strasburg, Mopelia
Germany Wurzburg, Stutgart, Hanover, Hamburg, Berlin, Erfurt, Gottenberg
Holland Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Denhag
Hungary Budapest, May 11, 2006
Serbia Montenegro, Belgrade
Spain Madrid

Also rendered many successful music concerts in France, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium between April and June 2002. In Europe I performed in April & May of 2002 where I conducted many workshop on Indian Classical Vocal Music in the said countries. In fall, i.e., September, 1996, I rendered vocal recital at Emory University Atlanta,USA. 
I taught in Maharishi International University (MIU) between November 1993 and 1994 and performed at several renowned music centers of the USA. The performances were well acknowledged and appreciated in leading dailies.
In successive years, as visiting lecturer in vocal classical Indian music, have been repeatedly associated with MIU in teaching assignments in their various branches both in the Europe and the USA. 
From July, 1981 to 1990 I was an honorary lecturer of Hindustani Classical Vocal Music at Shri Ram Bhartiya Kala Kendra, New Delhi, which is a premier institute in Indian Classical Music of national reckoning. Also I have been giving advanced level lessons to Indian and foreign students. My students have fared admirably in their vocal renderings.
Between September and December 1991 under the aegis of Maharishi Gandharva Ved performed in many important West European countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Germany; most of the performances were accorded rave reviews.
In October 1990 was featured in the worldwide services of the B.B.C, in their "Guest of the Week" program.
On 10th September 1990 performed at Wratslavia Oratario Cantas International Music Festival, Poland, with a lecture and recital. Subsequently performed at other renowned music centers of Poland, Austria and England. 
In August 1990 rendered classical music recital at Calcutta under the auspices of Padatik and Jhankar Music, both prestigious music centres for eminent performing artistes.
I was featured in the Urdu Programme, 'Bazme Mowsiqui' of Hindustani Classical Music in the external Services Division of All India Radio, New Delhi.
Also performed at concert, Tribute to Jawahar Lal Nehru on 15th November 1988 at Kamani auditorium, New Delhi at which the Sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan was the chief guest.
In December 1985 at Guwahati (Assam) performed at the State Hindustani Classical Music Conference.
Again in June, 1984 successfully performed at the State Hindustani Classical Music conference.
In November 1981, under the sponsorship of Sahitya Kala Parishad of Delhi Administration, performed at their Kalke-Kalakar function at the Sri Ram Centre for Art and Culture, New Delhi.
From March 1980 till April 1983: I have been guest lecturer of Hindustani vocal classical music with Delhi University in the Faculty Of Fine Arts & Music.
Under aegis of Trade Fair authority of India, Delhi performed at the Falaknuma, theatre, Pragati Maidan on 23rd November 1980.
Since 1970 have been a performing artiste of classical Hindustani Vocal Music of all India Radio, Delhi Station.

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